Natural Cleaning & Laundry Products 

Keep your home and clothing looking spotless without the need for any harmful chemicals or additives! 
When it comes to cleaning and laundry products, natural alternatives have only just begun to gain mainstream popularity. 

Our Natural Cleaning & Laundry Products 

Fabric Conditioner (3 Fragrances) 
1kg - £14 
Dishwasher Detergent 
1kg - £20 
Laundry Powder (3 Fragrances) 
1kg - £25 
Shower Cleaner 
350ml - £11.50 
500ml - £12 
Toilet Cleaner 
350ml - £11.50 
500ml - £12 
Disinfectant Spray 
500ml - £14 
All Purpose Spray 
500ml - £14 
Furniture Polish 
500ml - £17 
Stain Remover 
500ml - £18.50 
Please note: All prices include Postage & Packaging 
Where product fragrance is not specified, you will be contacted prior to delivery to confirm your choice. 
Please click HERE to see the natural ingredients that are used in our products. 
For a long time, many of us didn’t question the need for chemicals in our cleaning solutions, and they seemed like the only option to ensure good hygiene. 
But people have been cleaning their homes since long before we normalised the use of toxic chemicals, and once you start to think about it, it seems contradictory to be using hazardous ingredients to try to make our homes safer. Many of the products which are commonly used contain incredibly harsh chemicals which are dangerous if ingested, touched or even breathed in. 
Many of these chemicals are not only potentially dangerous to us but can also end up in our waterways, becoming extremely damaging to the environment. And it’s not just the seemingly endless liquids we are sold which can cause problems. Many of the items we use to clean – from washing-up sponges to window squeegees – are made out of and packaged in non-recyclable material. 
For people who want to be more mindful about the environmental and health impact of cleaning products, Ashmead Natural Products have created a range of natural, eco-friendly cleaning products. 

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